August 1955 #1


?Grammy Hall Of Fame Song

?Rolling Stone Magazine’s Greatest Songs…#130

? Movie…Born To Be Wild


Songwriters Jimmy DeKnight/Max Freedman


Band Name

Inspired by a popular mispronunciation of Halley’s Comet


Bill Haley/Danny Cedrone/Joey D’Ambrosio/Billy Williamson

Johnny Grande/Marshall Lytle/Billy Gussack/Dick Richards


?Danny died (Heart Attack…He had fallen down a staircase and broke his neck) 1954 (24) ?Bill H died (Heart Attack…The International Astronomical Union named an asteroid 79896 Billhaley to honor him 25 years after his death) 1981 (55)

?Billy G died 1994 (74) ?Billy W died 1996 (71) ?Johnny died (Cancer-related causes…He survived major heart surgery in 1999) 2006 (76)

?Marshall died (lung cancer) 2013 (79)


Highland Park Michigan

Did You Know?

“Rock Around The Clock’ was considered a major disappointment when it was first released…It was not until it was used under the opening credits of the film ‘Blackboard Jungle’ that the song truly took off